KiDS Discipleship Groups


Acorns & Sprouts

Infants - 4 yrs old


Seedlings & Saplings

Kindergarten - 5th grade

Additional Information

Vision for Children at Gateway:  

The Gateway Mission statement says: “We are committed to developing compelling maturity in Christ.” This is our commitment as a body of believers to ALL ages who come in the doors here. We are especially passionate to see children come to compelling maturity in Christ.  Why children?

  • What age group is most receptive to the Gospel?  Research shows that up to 85%      of those who accept Christ will do so between ages 4-14.
  • What group is the most responsive to discipleship?  Again, research shows that      basic values are established by age 4 or 5, and that a person’s primary      worldview is established by age 12 or 13.

We want to support families by... 

  1. Providing additional discipleship opportunities for their children.  Time on      Sunday mornings with the children is therefore not “child care” or is also not Sunday is DISCIPLESHIP!  We are a community of believers who spends time in our Kids in Discipleship and Service groups on Sunday mornings sharing word AND how to apply it to their lives and how to live it out whether at church, school, home or in their community.  
  2. Giving them the opportunity to worship together during service so children can      see worship modeled not only on the platform but with their parents and other Gateway members.
  3. Giving moms and dads the opportunity to connect spiritually with the church body      as it receives the word without having to engage as a parent (if desired and when possible as determined by the parent(s) not the church, as we are not trying to keep children out of the service, nor are we requiring that parents have their children in discipleship groups.) 

KiDS has Discipleship Groups - Sundays @ 11:30am (after PRAISE & WORSHIP)