Principles to Consider

August 28, 2016 ()

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1. Family is important. Strive for vibrant relationships with your family members. Honor your parents and serve them with a glad and grateful heart. Never back down from doing the good or right thing even if it means laying down your plans. You will be rewarded when you do it in faith. God is more than capable of making a way, all we have to do is obey.

2. The Body of Christ and it's leadership is crucial, not only in helping keep you on track but to give you the prayer support you need to accomplish your true mission and that is winning people. Prayer is one of our greatest weapons. We do have an enemy but he has been defeated and we walk powerfully in victory when we stand together in faith to declare to the principalities and powers how it really is - that Jesus Christ is King. All things have been put under His feet.

3. Don’t give up on what you believe you’ve been called to do, especially when it looks like you’re in a season that seemingly has no correlation with that calling. Here’s the wonderful thing, every season relates to our calling because ultimately our calling is not found in a worldly vocation. A worldly vocation may be a God orchestrated path that He will/can use to accomplish our true calling, which we all share. We are ALL called to preach the good news, to help rescue people, to make disciples of people, to be a part of setting people free from eternal death and helping them to see the eternal life that is found in Jesus Christ by believing in Him and following Him.

4. Do not forsake your first Love. Without that intimate relationship with Christ, life is meaningless and our mission becomes tasks not people. It’s all about people. That's why Jesus came, because the Father desired us even while we were still sinners. How good it is to trust and depend on our Savior for all things.