Truth is important, yes. Christ, absolutely.

Truth must be important to you. You say things like “this is my truth,” [or] “truth is what you make it to be,” [like] “truth is what you want it to be,” [and] “what is your truth?”

When Jesus faced Pontius Pilate after being arrested, He said that the reason He came to earth and was born was to testify to the truth. He also said that everyone who is committed to the truth listens to Him. To that Pilate asked, “What is truth?”

Jesus knew truth; He knew what was really going on in the world and what the answers to life’s biggest questions were. He came to address those, to set the record straight. In that sense, He is truth; He is the answer (John 14:6). So to discover truth, we must be willing to hear Him out. We have to be interested in hearing the truth, no matter what it is.

Think about it. Truth can’t be relative. By definition, if it varies from one point of view to another, it can’t be truth. That’s at best an aspect of truth, an angle on reality. It could be close to reality or it could be way off. We’re like ants on the ground trying to make sense of a gigantic world from our limited perspective. We start filling in the blanks and inventing theories about how things must work, what’s important and how to live.

God wants us to discover the truth. He also wants us to find Him, even though He’s not far from each one of us. We’re His children; we were made in His image. These are the reasons He sent Jesus. But we shouldn’t think that this makes us independent of God. No, we actually exist because of Him. God is willing to overlook our ignorance in coming up with our own truth and blazing our own trails. He’s telling all of us to hear the truth and change our minds, to turn away from what we’ve busied ourselves with and pay attention to how He designed things to be. One day He’s going to have Jesus evaluate the state of the world, namely our attitudes and response to Him. How will you fare in that assessment?